Musical Instruments

Today, more and more musical instrument manufacturers combine old-world craftsmanship with modern CNC speed and accuracy to realize their vision well. There is no doubt that CNC Routers are perfect machines for manufacturing musical instruments, and the production of violins and guitar bodies are the most popular industries in this field.

A CNC router has these benefits in the fabrication of musical instruments: shortening the time to develop new instruments and create prototypes; helping the manufacturer more profitable; simplifying the entire process; no need to make templates, etc.

FORSUN can offer custom CNC Routers with different configurations according to the customer’s request. It is the ideal solution for solid surface manufacturers. We have many optional items for our CNC Router Machine. Italian boring head with 9 or 13 vertical and horizontal drills for holes drilling. Pop up pins locations for repeatable material location. High power vacuum systems to hold all size materials in place. Thus our CNC Drilling machine will bring you mass production and custom one-off fabrication to many musical instrument manufacturers. Photos listed below are some projects of our CNC router engraver machine.

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