What is the CNC Router Difference Between 3 axis, 4 axis and 5 axis?

Hundreds of 3d woodworking CNC Router machinery brands are full of the market. And different of them have different design, outlooking, configuration and introduction which makes the buyers very confused and don’t know exactly which model is suitable for them. So Forsun CNC would like to make the description of the 3d woodworking CNC Router machinery as details as we can to explain to make the buyers easy to understand. Or you can visit www.forsungroup.com for more information.

Firstly, we separate the 3d woodworking CNC Router machinery according to the machine axis quantity.

Number I, 3 axis 3d woodworking CNC Router machinery  https://forsungroup.com/cnc-routers/

3 axis 3d woodworking CNC Router machinery is the most popular and common models in the market. And it is the simplest to learn how to use.  It only has X, Y, Z. Easily learn and simple use.

What is the 3d woodworking CNC Router machinery’s applications for industries and


Furniture: panel furniture, solid wood furniture, office furniture, wooden doors, wardrobe

Wooden products: musical instruments, speakers, sewing machines, game cabinets

Sheet metal processing: insulation parts, PCB, bowling alley, epoxy resin, aluminum, copper, brass

Decoration industry: acrylic, PVC, plastics, organic glass, MDF

What are the performance features of 3d woodworking CNC Router machinery?

Perfect function, automatic feeding, a vertical hole, slotting, cutting, engraving and milling, automatic feeding.

vertical row drill package + tool changing spindle, to meet the various production processes

Time-saving, labor-saving. Banned the traditional CAD drawing staff, demolition of a single master, the opening of  the material master, efficient and open system, automatic layout optimization, to maximize the material utilization

Number II,  4 axis 3d woodworking CNC Router machinery.

At the moment, the best 4 axis 3d woodworking CNC Router machinery is made by Forsun CNC company www.forsungroup.com.  Because of the high technology and gap there, very few companies can make the 4 axis 3d woodworking CNC Router machinery. But after ten years of professional focus in CNC router, Forsun CNC finally make it succeed. his 4 AXIS CNC router is mainly used for Mould industry: ship/boat, aviation, propeller, impeller,  Aluminum mold, Plaster mold, Bathroom mold, Tire Mold, Automotive model/Automotive trim/ Automobile parts, Aircraft model/ Aircraft Interior, Human-body model.

The advantage of the 3d woodworking CNC Router machinery.

1 Forsun CNC 4 axis 3d woodworking CNC Router machinery spindle can work +/- 90 degrees to make 2d, 3d, 4d working material.

2 high-speed tool change to make sure the working efficiency is very high

3  world-famous brand spare parts like HSD spindle from Italy, Yaskawa servo motor and driver from Japan, Siemens controller from Germany

4 heavy-duty machine body after annealing to make sure the solidity and absence of vibration.

Number III,  5 axis 3d woodworking CNC Router machinery.

5 axis CNC router is the most developed model in CNC areas until now.  It needs very high technology and very strict request for mechanical and software.

Applicable industries:

Mold industry: Various large metalloid molds, especially suitable for automotive foam mold, wooden ship model, wooden model aviation, rail wooden mold, and wooden mold train.Instrument industry: 3D surface engraving and shape cutting of large-scale instruments.


  1. Adopt Italy HSD 5 axis spindle.
  2. Heavy-duty machine structure guarantee solidity and absence of vibration, so the machine’s processing precision will be highly improved.
  3. Z axis’s feeding height is 1000mm, which allows extra-large parts to be processed, and this size can be changed according to your practical needs
  4. Top-class components, to make the machine high-precision and high-efficiency. HSD ATC spindle, Delta inverter, TBI ball screw, Yaskawa servo motors

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