Aluminum & Brass Machining

The CNC Router must be with big cutting force if you work on aluminum, aluminum alloy, brass, and other soft metal. Forsun CNC Router can provide such CNC Router Machines with powerful cutting forces.

First of all , this kind of CNC router working bed is much heavier and rigid than other wood router machine. The thickness of the cnc router machine body can be 15mm. Secondly, the CNC routers are equipped with powerful spindles which are especially for soft metal cutting and engraving. Third, the motors to drive the machine must be very powerful and accurate. And we installed an automatic mist cooling system which is used to cool the cutting bits for this machine. The whole CNC router machine configurations similar to the CNC machine center but our machine price is much cheaper than that. You will work on the non-ferrous material easily with FORSUN CNC Router.

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