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5 Axis CNC Router
5 Axis CNC Router
 Product features

Application Industrial:
Mold Industry: casting, automotive, ceramic sanitary ware, ships, yachts, aerospace
industry, wind power generation, rail transportation, arts and crafts.
Three-dimensional pieces of processing industries: glass, steel trimming, resin parts
processing, and other pieces of three-dimensional solid carbonation process.
Teaching experiment Industry
Applicable Materials:
Wood, wood, styrofoam foam (EPS), resin, plaster, clay and non-metallic carbides mixed
1) Adopt top control system, powerful, high precision and high speed.
2) All components are world-class brand
3) Axes with RTCP function (real axis interpolation) for large three-dimensional surface
machining modeling.
4) Diversified controller can control the processing speed, idling speed, cutting speed,
and greatly improving the quality of processed products and processing efficiency.

Technical Data

Item Details
X/Y/Z effective stroke range 1850*3100*1000mm
A/C axis A:+/-120O C:+/-262O
MAX Working Area 1200*2400*650mm
Table Size 1200*2400mm
Transmission Helical Rack
Table Structure Aluminum Alloy
Spindle Power 10KW
Spindle Speed 22000R/min
Traveling Speed 60/60/20m/min
Working Speed 20m/min
ATC Style Carousel Type
Tool Magazine 8 PCS(Option 12 PCS)
Driver YASKAWA AC Servo
Workign Voltage AC380V/3PH/50HZ

Working Samples