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FS1224-5 Axis Table Move CNC Router
FS1224-5 Axis Table Move CNC Router
 Product features

Application Industrial:
Mold Industry: casting, automotive, ceramic sanitary ware, ships, yachts, aerospace
industry, wind power generation, rail transportation, arts and crafts.
Three-dimensional pieces of processing industries: glass, steel trimming, resin parts
processing, and other pieces of three-dimensional solid carbonation process.
Teaching experiment Industry
Applicable Materials:
Wood, wood, styrofoam foam (EPS), resin, plaster, clay and non-metallic carbides mixed
1) Adopt top control system, powerful, high precision and high speed.
2) All components are world-class brand
3) Axes with RTCP function (real axis interpolation) for large three-dimensional surface
machining modeling.
4) Diversified controller can control the processing speed, idling speed, cutting speed,
and greatly improving the quality of processed products and processing efficiency.
Technical Data:

Item Details
1 X/Y/Z working area 1200*2400*900mm
2 A/C axis A:+/-120 C:+/-262
3 Controller System Syntec
4 Table Size 1200*2400mm
5 Transmission Helical Rack
6 Table Structure Aluminum Alloy
7 Spindle Power 10KW
8 Spindle Speed 22000R/min
9 Traveling Speed 60/60/20m/min
10 Working Speed 20m/min
11 ATC Style Carousel Type
12 Tool Magazine 8 PCS(Option 12 PCS)
13 Driver YASKAWA AC Servo
14 Workign Voltage AC380V/3PH/50HZ
Working Samples