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Carousel ATC CNC Router 5*10
Carousel ATC CNC Router with auto pusher
 Product features

This machine is equipped with automatic unloading system. It will make it easy for your job.

Why you chose ATC CNC Router ?

Sometimes when using a CNC router table to make profiles it is necessary to change out tooling.But on a standard machine it might not be as easy as just changing the bit, there are things like tool height to worry about and any little difference can make a huge difference to the finished product. That is why you chose ATC CNC ROUTER. This kind ATC machine router table includes an automatic tool change system that allows the operator to program tool changes right into their program.This unique system can not only change out tools but uses a sensor to compensate for the tool length.With a holder that can accommodate 8 tools and a changeover time that only takes 8 seconds,this is one productive machine.

Application :
1. Furniture industries: cabinet doors, wooden doors, solid woods, plates, antique furniture.
2. Decoration industries: screens, wave boards, advertising boards and sign making.
3. Arts & Crafts industries: Engrave on artificial stones, woods, bamboos, marbles
4. Processing material: engraving and cutting processing for acrylic, PVC, density boards,
artificial stones, organic glass, plastics and soft metal sheets such as copper and aluminum.

Technical Data:

Machine Show:

Automatic Unloading Device ( Auto pusher)