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FS1530E CNC Router
 Product features

Simple Description:
1 New style console.Easy and convenient.
2 Inside controller cabinet save your working space
3 Steel construction,
4 Precision linear rails and bearings,
5 Precision helical rack and pinion on the X and Y axes, and a ball screw on the Z
6 Brush-less micro-stepper motors
7 Controls with a very easy-to-use hand-held controller. The hand-held controller is
so user-friendly that setup, installation and training is completed through our self-taught,
step-by-step manuals.
Technical Data

NO Description Parameter
1 X,Y,Z Working Area 1500x3000x200mm
2 X,Y,Z Traveling Positioning Accuracy +/-0.03/300mm
3 X,Y,Z Repositioning Accuracy: +/-0.03/300mm
4 Table Surface Vacuum and T-slot Combined
5 Frame Heavy Steel Tube Structure
6 X, Y Structure Rack and Pinion Drive,Hiwin Rail Linear Bearings
7 Z Structure Hiwin Rail Linear Bearings and Ball Screw
8 Max. Power Consumption (Without Spindle) 4.5Kw
9 Max. Rapid Travel Rate 45000mm/min
10 Max. Working Speed 20000mm/min
11 Spindle Power 4.5KW
12 Spindle Speed 0-18000RPM
13 Drive Motors YAKO Stepper
14 Working Voltage AC380V/50/60Hz,3PH (Option: 220V))
15 Command Language G Code
16 Operating System NCSTUDIO
17 Collet ER25
18 Software Compatibility Type3/UcancameV9 software (Option: Artcam software)
19 Running Environment Temperature 0 - 45 Centigrade
20 Relative Humidity 30% - 75%
21 Packing Size 3750*2280*1950mm
22 N.W. 1500KG
23 G.W. 1700KG
24 Optional Parts DSP Control system
Dust Collector System
Vacuum Pump
Rotary System
Mist-cooling System

Machine Picutres: