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2 Heads Laser cutting machine FSL1610-2H
 Product features

2 Heads Laser cutting machine FSL1610-2H

Suitable material

1) acrylic ,Cloth, tile, cardboard, paper, leather, PU leather, logo embroidery, plastic, rubber, wood,carpet

2) organic glass, , jade, leather ,shells, horns, sebum, double color boards, bamboo

3) ABS board, PVC board, fiber and composite materials and other non-metallic materials

Application industry

1) Shoes, leather clothing, brand processing, embroidery, advertisement decoration, wood processing

2)  laser knife mold, decoration decoration industry, printing, hot stamping templates

3) craft gift industry, model industry (construction models, aviation navigation models and wooden toys

Machine configuration

1) Working Area:1600*1000mm

2) Laser power:60w 80w 100w 150w - you can choose RECI laser tube,working hours:8000-10000 hours

3) DSP control system - easy to use

4) Knife worktable - you can choose honey table, it according to your material

5) High resolution head.

6) Water protection

7) Air pump/Compressor.

8) Exhaust fan - Blow away the smoke

9) Two power cables.

10) USB cable

11) Tool box.

12) Red dot pointer