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EPS Styrofoam Machining Centre
 Product features

Suitable Material:
Wood, EPS and non-metallic carbon hybrid materials.
1) Die and mold industries.
Automotive stamping dies foam processing, casting wooden mold, automotive interiors,
engineering plastic materials,Processing of non-metallic , etc.
2) Musical instrument industry:
Can carve three dimension musical instrument, contour cutting

Technical Data

Item Model Name
Working Area X 2000mm
Y 4000mm
Z 900mm
Working Table 2000*4000mm
Table Structure HT250 The whole cast table
X Y Z Transmission X Y Helical Rack, Z Ball Screw
Traveling Speed ≥16000mm/min
Max Working Speed ≥10000mm/min
Spindle Power 9.0KW HSD Spindle
Spindle Speed 1000-24000RPM
Spindle Taper ISO30 or ISO40
Distance of spindle nose to table 900mm
Driver Model YASKAWA Servo
Working Code G code , F/S compatible
Working Voltage 380V/3PH/50HZ
Control system Syntec Control System
Gross Weight 9000KGS

Machine Pictures:

Working Samples

Aluminium Mold

Wood Mold